The German anti-treaty/directive-shopping rule sec. 50d para. 3 German Income Tax Act (“ITA”) constitute an obstacle for many inbound investments.
For countries within Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), finding the right talent is an even greater worry.
 Europe is not the only market where the agricultural sector is under pressure.
From 1 July 2018, Italian government introduces the Budget Law 2018
Six tips to building better relationships with your clients
PropTech is simply a term that describes a small piece of a large puzzle that can be defined as a large digital transformation in real estate technology.
Ukraine undertook to harmonize its legislation with European regulations relating to business law, including the scope of financial reporting and auditing.
The country has so much more to offer. Especially for foreign investors looking to find new business opportunities in the Caribbean region.
Business established outside the EU who store goods in the UK need to register with HMRC by 30 June.
HLB provides insights on US tax reforms affecting the US real estate market.
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