A network of experts for winemaking businesses

09 Mar 2018
A network of experts for winemaking businesses

A network of skills serving the wine sector, which keeps up growing exponentially.  This is the theme of the convention titled:  “DiVino Management.  For a winemaking business that aims at excellence” which took place Thursday, March 1st, at the Vecomp Academy in via Dominutti, 2.  And which you can still see by following the link www.facebook.com/studioimpresanet/.

This meeting was organized by Cueim, the University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics, Studio Impresa and Vecomp, three Verona-based businesses and by Sistemi Professione Informatica of Turin, who brought together a pool of experts to offer a wide range of assistance and consultancies to Italian businesses in the winemaking sector.

Management, a network of experts specializing in winemaking, took this opportunity to introduce itself to the city.  “Our area, but not only our area, is a cradle of winemaking businesses of enormous success which are not, however, always adequately sized and structured when they have to deal with competitors on international markets.  Add to this the relevant tax scenario that is complex, and, finally, access to credit is not always fast and sure” says Luca Castagnetti, chartered accountant and founder of Studio Impresa, one of the speakers together with his colleague Luigi Scappini, Davide Gaeta, professor of winemaking economics at the University of Verona and Massimo Marietta, an IT system expert.

“To keep up growing and creating value, sustaining their operating margins, wine businesses have to rely upon experts” he adds.  This led to the idea of creating the network, with the participation of professionals in all sectors, from tax matters up to decoding and use of the mass of data that consumers pour into the web, to provide businesses with all the help they need to progress and succeed.  As Castagnetti states:  “The experiment starts in Verona, but the intention is to extend it to all of Italy”.   

Article by Luca Castagnetti, Parter at Studio Impresa, member of HLB's Agriculture Group. 



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