Why Invest in Serbia

24 Jan 2018
Why Invest in Serbia

Many world-renowned companies have recognized Serbia’s potential and decided to locate operations in Serbia. For some of them, Serbia serves as a manufacturing hub that enables duty-free exports to a market of more than 1 billion people. Others are attracted by our country’s adept level of English language proficiency, highly skilled and easily trained workforce and generous tax and incentives environment. Regardless of the reason for their initial interest, businesses that decide to set up operations or conduct trade in Serbia encounter a reliable and dynamic country that affords them a much greater opportunity than they initially perceived.





1) The educated labor force available at competitive prices;

2) Incentives for employers/businesses that create employment;

3) Favorable tax system with one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in Europe of 15%;

4) Duty-free exports to a market of more than 1 billion people that includes the EU, the Russian Federation, USA, Kazakhstan, Turkey, SEE, EFTA and CEFTA countries, and Belarus;

5) Extremely favorable geographical location in the centre of the Southeast Europe, which provides beneficial conditions for the production and export of merchandise to developed markets, such as Russia, Turkey, Belarus, etc. as well as for export to the countries of former Yugoslavia by virtue of signed free trade agreements.


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