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关于HLB国际 - About HLB

成立于1969年的浩信国际(HLB International)是一家发展迅速,实力雄厚, 由独立会计事务所和商业顾问机构组成的全球性网络。目前浩信国际在国际会计师联合会(IFAC) 企业论坛(Forum of Firms) 定义的国际网络中排名第12位,其成员所的700多间办公室遍布世界150多个国家,为全球客户提供有关会计审计、税务咨询、普通和金融管理顾问等多方面的服务。



HLB三个字母来自于三个最早成员的名称缩写,在英国的发展历史可追溯至近两百年前。这三个成员通过不断地合并和壮大,Hodgson Landau Brands 于1990年成为了今天的"HLB International",即中文注册的"浩信国际"。



Formed in 1969, HLB International is a worldwide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. HLB International services clients through its member firms in 150 countries and 25,000 staff including partners in 700 offices worldwide. Services include accounting, audit, international tax, corporate finance, general and financial consultancy.

HLB International is a member of IFAC's Forum of Firms and focuses on quality and personal service. HLB member firms have a strong focus on quality and customised partner-level service, which differentiate HLB member firms from their competitors and add extra value to their clients.

Member firms are well-established locally with many firms in Asia ranked among the top ten nationally. The understanding and communication between member firms are enhanced through regular meetings, international referral engagements, bulletins, news flashes and a magazine from the London-based Executive Office and member firms' use of the HLB global intranet.

The initials ‘HLB’ derive from the names of three early members of the group. Through mergers, all three names have disappeared, and in 1990, Hodgson Landau Brands became ‘HLB International.’

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