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都柏林 - 爱尔兰 Ireland – Dublin

dloke  HLB Sheehan Quinn
Mark Butler
dloke  HLB Sheehan Quinn
Helen Shen 海伦沈
Head of Asia Desk 亚洲业务负责人


Arrow 公司名称:

HLB Sheehan Quinn


Suite  7, The Courtyard, Camanhall Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18

Arrow 公司简介:

HLB Sheehan Quinn设在爱尔兰的都柏林。该公司成立于1976年,经过数十年的努力,该公司已成为当地非常有声望的龙头会计事务所, 拥有资深强大的会计团队与实力相当的业务顾问, 无论在公司或个人税务及商业范畴方面都能为你提供最好最贴心的服务.




Arrow 业务范围:

1 )国际税务规划

2 )公司注册业务

3 )公司税务登记

4 )个人移民财务财产信息

5 )介绍给银行和协助个人开户

6 )连接与国家机构并协助企业设立

7 )外包服务 - 帐户,工资, 税务申报

8 )年度审计和税务申报及规划

9 )商务咨询


Arrow 客户行业:

1 )食品加工

2 )农业

3 )制造业

4 )技术

5 )施工工程

6 )物业投资

7 )酒店与休闲

8 )可再生能源利用



Arrow Firm name: HLB Sheehan Quinn

Arrow Location: 

Dublin, Ireland

Arrow Company Profile: 

HLB Sheehan Quinn is based in Dublin, Ireland. The firm was established in 1976 and has built a respected reputation as leading accountants and business advisors.

HLB Sheehan Quinn provides quality accountancy, taxation and business advice to ambitious individuals and organisations looking to grow, internationalise and innovate. 

We combine expert business advice with smart thinking. Our proactive client service and collaborative way of working mean we connect with our clients vision to maximise opportunities. 


Arrow Services:

The services we provide to clients seeking to have a presence in Ireland are as follows:

1)International Tax Planning

2)Incorporation of Business

3)Tax Registration

4)Prepare financial information required for immigration

5)Introduction to banks and assistance with opening accounts

6)Connection with state agencies to assist with set up of business

7)Outsourcing – Accounts, Payroll, Taxation Compliance 

8)Annual Audit and Taxation Compliance

9)Business Advisory


Arrow Client Industries:

1)Food Processing





6)Property Investment

7)Hotel & Leisure

8)Renewable Energy


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