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毛里求斯 - Mauritius

dloke  Clensy Appavoo

Arrow 公司名称:



Mere Barthelemy大街29号

Arrow 公司简介:

作为HLB国际在毛里求斯的成员所,HLB浩信Appavoo联合公司成立于1989年,目前公司业务覆盖了留尼旺、塞舌尔和马达加斯加等附近岛屿。经过多年发展,我们已经开拓了多样化的专业服务,并将自身定位为互補于國際四大的國際化會計師事務所, 为本土及海外大中小型企业提供个性化服务。

Arrow 业务范围:


• 业务启动
• 会计与税务
• 外派服务
• 审计与认证
• 公司秘书
• 公司理财
• 全球商务(离岸)和自由港运作
• 公司重组和破产
• 品牌和营销
• IT解决方案


Arrow 客户行业:


  • 管理公司
  • 自由港
  • 物流
  • 加工业
  • 旅游及酒店
  • 房地产
  • 农业
  • 国有企业及国际基金资助机构




Arrow Firm name: HLB Appavoo & Associates

Arrow Location: 

Appavoo Business Centre
29 bis, Mere Barthelemy Street
Port Louis

Arrow Company Profile: 

HLB Appavoo & Associates is the member firm of HLB International in Mauritius, and the firm also covers nearly islands, such as Reunion Island, the Seychelles and Madagascar. Founded in 1989, our firm has developed a vast array of professional services over the years and positions itself as an alternative to the big four. We draw our success from our personalised approach for small as well as large corporate clients both local and foreign.

Arrow Services:

Our services have been designed to cater for all of our clients’ businesses and personal needs:
• Business Start up
• Accounting and Taxation
• Expatriate services
• Audit & Assurance
• Corporate Secretaryship
• Corporate Finance
• Global Business (Offshore) and Freeport Operations
• Corporate Recovery & Insolvency
• Branding and Marketing
• IT solutions

Arrow Client Industries:

With such a wide scope of services, we have built extended experience in many sectors, and we service clients in many fields of activities:
• Management Companies
• Freeport
• Distribution
• Manufacturing
• Tourism and Hospitality
• Real Estate
• Agriculture
• State-owned and International Funding Agencies


Mauritius operates a Chinese Desk through the Board of Investment (BOI).  We work closely with the BOI for Business Structuring and the promotion of investment into the African Continent.

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