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dstene  Minneapolis - Eide Bailly LLP
David Stene
beecham  Minneapolis - Eide Bailly LLP
Shannon Lemmon

beecham  Minneapolis - Eide Bailly LLP
陈燕文 Yvonne Beecham


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Eide Bailly, LLP


800 Nicollet Mall, Suite 1300, Minneapolis, MN 55402-7033

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适用个人的国际税收:如果您在国外工作,Eide Bailly可为您提供广泛的境内外国际税收服务。我司能为您编制原籍国和所在国要求提交的纳税申报表,准备或审查各项税负平衡、税收保护以及税收调节计算,或向您提供税收筹划注意事项和国际税收协定方面的建议。另外,针对美国纳税人,我司还提供以下服务:妥善申报国外收入、办理纳税识别号以及美国/加拿大双重国籍涉及的税收问题。





大卫.史丁 (David Stene),CMA,CPA / ABV,CVA
爱德倍利合伙人,为客户提供会计和咨询服务超过三十年,帮助客户成长并增加盈利性,对国际商机上有着独特的眼光。大卫现任爱德倍利国际部主席, HLB 美国主席,并担任HLB国际理事会和执行委员会委员。此外,大卫是中美商务连接会的董事会成员。

布赖恩•罗斯 (Bryan Ross),CPA,MBT


Arrow Firm name: Eide Bailly, LLP

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800 Nicollet Mall, Suite 1300,Minneapolis, MN 55402-7033

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Eide Bailly has helped clients grow and succeed since 1917 – including clients who do business internationally. We have the talents, resources and connections to help clients find opportunities around the world, including investment in and from China. Our experience with international tax, business consulting, audit and accounting, and merger and acquisition assistance across a wide variety of industries make us the firm of choice for companies with global operations.

Eide Bailly's professionals have a working knowledge of the China marketplace; we have assisted businesses with planning, setup, compliance, and reporting requirements. The Firm's International Tax Group has helped companies choose the best entity to use, including the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China. Our recent work involves a variety of companies, including solar technology, poultry processing, chemical lab manufacturing and architecture services.

Eide Bailly’s International Tax Team helps clients with: 

Inbound International Tax Planning: IF you’re planning on expanding into the U.S. our experienced international professionals can help you understand the U.S. tax landscape before your business enters the market.  Our consultants will include cross-border structuring and planning for federal and state taxes, including income, franchise and sales and use tax. We can assist you with proper entity structure, analyze tax treaties and help you navigate the rules related to foreign investment in U.S. property.  

International Tax for Employers: Global mobility programs can create complicated tax responsibilities for companies and their employees, and staying in compliance takes a comprehensive approach. Our experienced international tax professionals can assist by offering a broad range of inbound and outbound international tax services. We can help structure and plan assignments, write and review tax equalization policies and assignee tax handbooks, and coordinate and prepare the proper tax filings and equalization calculations. 

International Tax for Individuals: Eide Bailly can assist individuals who work internationally with a broad range of inbound and outbound international tax services. We can prepare tax returns for both your home and host country, prepare or review tax equalization, tax protection, and tax reconciliation calculations, or consult with you on tax planning considerations and international tax treaties.  We also have services specific to U.S. taxpayers regarding proper reporting of foreign income, obtaining tax identification numbers and tax issues related to Canada/U.S. dual citizenship. 

Outbound International Tax Planning: A successful international expansion starts with understanding the tax considerations in the foreign country you want to do business in. Our experienced international tax professionals can connect you with the information and resources you need to comprehend the tax landscape where you want to do business.

Transfer Pricing: A proactive transfer pricing policy can help businesses minimize compliance risk and potentially reduce their global tax rate. We help clients with transfer pricing through planning, benchmarking, documentation, training and IRS defense. 

U.S. Export Tax Incentive (IC-DISC)

The Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation, more commonly known as the IC-DISC, is an export incentive available for U.S. manufacturers and distributors. The IC-DISC allows certain U.S. businesses to reduce their overall tax liability and improve cash flow through a commission mechanism. Clients with at least $2 million of profitable foreign earned revenue from an exported product or service that is made primarily in the U.S. are prime candidates. 

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