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mbrocca  HLB Italy
Marco Brocca
fdori  HLB Italy
Francesco Dori

fdori  HLB Italy
Yi Wu 吴怡
CPA 注册会计师

fdori  HLB Italy
Gianluca Panizza

limin  HLB Italy
Limin Ren
Tax Assistant 税务助理


Arrow 公司名称: 

HLB Italy


Via Conservatorio, 17

20122 Milan

Arrow 公司简介:

HBL Italy是一个会计,税务和商业资讯事务所联盟,总部位于意大利经济金融交流之都米兰。自始建以来HLB Italy一直致力于极大的灵活性和有关怀的客户管理。

该公司的合作伙伴为资深的专家:提供个人化、先进和完善的服务。由于跨学科的组织并基于专业化、技能的集成化以及持续更新,HLB Italy事务所不但能够提供税务、会计和公司服务,而且还能提供企业融资和法律服务,例如公司重组和恢复、调解和协商解决、兼并和收购、企业守规等等。

此外,HLB International的意大利成员将准备近期内在国家各地开发旗下公司。

今年HLB Italy事务所建立了一个’中国服务台’好帮助在意大利寻求有商业机会的中国客户并尽全力满足他们的需求。近年来,各式各样的意大利制造业、技术公司、时尚业和服务公司越来越受国际市场的青睐,所以假如您打算在意大利成立附属业务,我们公司将为您启动和运行业务并提供一切所需要的服务:我们将伴随您策划和实行有竞争性的战略计划,以达到企业目标。



Arrow 业务范围:




















Arrow Firm name: HLB Italy

Arrow Location: 

Via Conservatorio, 17

20122 Milan

Arrow Company Profile: 

HLB Italy is an accounting, tax and business consulting federation based in Milan, the Italian capital of economic and financial exchange, and since the foundation it has always stood for great flexibility and care in the management of customers.

The partners of the firm/practice are qualified and specialized professionals, who can provide a personalized, up-to-date and complete service. Thanks to a multi-discipline organization based on specialization, integration of skills and ongoing updating, HLB Italy offers tax, accounting and company services, but also corporate finance and legal services, such as company restructuring and recovery, mediation and settlement of interests, mergers and acquisitions, corporate compliances.

Furthermore, the Italian members of HLB International will start developing in the near future offices throughout the whole country.

This year HLB Italy set up a China Desk to meet the needs of Chinese customers who are willing to seek lucrative opportunities in our country. A wide range of Italian products, technology, style and service companies are nowadays more and more appreciated in the international market. 

Therefore, if you are establishing a subsidiary business in Italy, our firm will offer you all the services you may need to acquire or start running it and we will work side by side to fulfil a strategic plan to reach your target and corporate goals. The China Desk will provide any kind of assistance for your business: in addition to tax and legal issues, will also take care of supporting documents, translation services, travel assistance and cultural mediation.

Arrow Services:

-Tax consulting and international tax planning 

-Tax efficient structuring of business interests 

-Strategic and business planning

-Internal control valuation

-Stock valuation


-Corporate Finance 

-Business finance supporting

-Internal control consulting

-Finance and tax due diligence 

-Mergers and acquisitions consulting

-Raising finance for acquisitions / working capital

-Transaction support 

-Corporate succession and family business issues 

-Legal services

-Audit services

-Taxation of individuals and expatriates


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