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08 Feb 2017

HLB国卫会计师事务所有限公司(HLB浩信国际之香港成员)勇夺2016 - 2017年度「香港专业会计师足球大赛」冠军。

HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng Limited (Hong Kong member of HLB International) is the winner of the HKICPA Football Championship 2016 – 2017.



由「香港会计师公会」主办,香港专业会计师足球大赛是最竞争激烈的年度盛事,四大会计师行、中型会计师事务所、政府部门、大学会计学院及商界专业会计师均有组队参赛。 HLB足球队自2002年起一直参加这项赛事,曾获四届亚军及一届季军。

Organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”), the HKICPA Football Championship is the most fiercely contested annual event with soccer teams from the Big 4, medium-sized CPA firms, government departments, university accounting faculties, and professional accountants in business competing. HLB Soccer Team has participated in this competition since 2002, and was 1st runners–up for four years and 2nd runners-up for one year.  

HLB足球队在郑智健先生(高级会计师/球队队长)的领导和余智发先生(审计董事/球队经理)及总执行董事长郑中正先生的支持下,撃败立信德豪(4 :3)、信永中和(4:2)、德勤(2:1)、致同(1(5):1(4))、天职(3:0)、浸会大学(3:1)和安永(3:1)等球队,于2017年1月22日勇夺「香港专业会计师足球大赛」冠军。HLB足球队對公司的支持及親臨為球队打氣的同事表示由衷感谢。

Under the leadership of Kenneth Cheng (Senior Accountant / HLB Soccer Team Captain) and with the support from Davis Yu (Audit Director / HLB Soccer Team Manager) and Managing Director Raymond Cheng, HLB Soccer Team beat soccer teams from BDO (4:3), Shinewing (4:2), Deloitte (2:1), Grant Thornton (1(5):1(4)), Baker Tilly (3:0), Baptist University (3:1) and finally Ernst & Young (3:1) to be crowned Champion at the HKICPA Football Championship on 22 January 2017. HLB Soccer Team expressed their gratitude to the Firm for all the support and to those who came to cheer for the Team on the day. 




HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng Limited has been a Principal Member of HLB International since 1993 and currently ranks 6th in the Hong Kong listed entities IPO / audit / transactions market.





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